Be Polite - Remember the Roulette Rules of Etiquette

Game rules are an extremely important aspect for every gambler. But players should also remember the basics of roulette casino game etiquette, which makes the game pleasant to play and watch.

Essential Etiquette Notions

Here is the list of some important rules:

  1. The gamblers cannot place the roulette bets after the dealer's words "no more bets";
  2. The players can't touch the gained chips (only croupier can deal with bets and winnings);
  3. It is forbidden to play roulette with regular casino chips (there are special roulette chips of different color);
  4. The players cannot touch the chips after the dealer places the "dolly";
  5. The dealers can't change players' money into chips;
  6. It is forbidden to use electronic equipment at the roulette table (cameras, mobile phones etc.);
  7. The players can't place big things on the table (the things, which are allowed to be on the table are chips, money, cigarettes and drinks);
  8. There must be no food on the table;
  9. It is advised to tip the croupier (but at many European casinos it is forbidden);
  10. Some casinos have dress code (one should know it before going to the casino).

Some Other Recommendations

  • The players cannot disturb others while playing (it is prohibited to touch the chips of other roulette players);
  • It is necessary to be polite;
  • If the gamblers can't understand the rules of the game, they ask croupier to explain them;
  • After the roulette game, the players need to exchange the roulette chips into the regular casino ones (in other case, the value of the gained chips will be lost);
  • If there are some mistakes which can lead to money losses, the players need to tell about them.

Following these rather simple rules and recommendations, you will never offend other players and will spend a pleasant time, while playing.