Variations of Cheating at Roulette.

Roulette cheating has existed for a long period of time. Before the legalization of gambling roulette players had suffered from it a lot. But even nowadays illegal gambling is also a usual thing. Among the types of cheating at roulette we can name laser scam, top hatting and past posting.

Dealers' Cheating

One of the ways of cheating at roulette is to use special electromagnets. The 4 magnets are installed around the wheel. The roulette ball contains steel that's why it can be easily attracted by one of the magnets. Special hidden button is set to direct the ball in the necessary way. The skilled dealers can manage the ball lightly.

The magnets can be used also in another way. One can magnetize some pockets, which should be selected in advance. If the dealer sees that some bets are placed on that magnetized pockets, he uses a regular ball. If there are no bets, he uses a ball, containing steel.

Players' Cheating

The roulette history knows cases, when brave gamblers burst into casinos at night and made some changes with the roulette wheel. They took away some pockets separators. After the spinning of the wheel, the ball had fewer chances to land on the pockets without special separators.

"Ball tripping" is another way of cheating at roulette. The cheaters drill a hole in the upper part of the ball; afterwards, they place a spring. When a small lever is hit by the dealer, the pin sticks out over the wheel surface. After such actions the ball is pushed out of the track faster, than usual.

Online Cheating

Nowadays the Internet space is full of diverse software for cheating at roulette that can be used in the casinos online. It is said, that this software would help players to defeat any kind of online roulette. And most of them really can do that.

One famous software product for roulette cheating is called "Roulette killer". It is efficient. But very often the gamblers can face the fake software products. To use "Roulette killer", the player just needs to download this software, with the help of which it is possible to win 2 100$ within four minutes of gambling. During the first round, the gambler initiates the software to start placing bets on the winning numbers and, then it lets you know the right number to bet.

Of course, roulette cheating software can help to win huge amounts of money, but the players should not forget about using the proven system of placing bets, for example, Martingale system or Labouchere system.