Martingale System of Placing Bets in Roulette

Martingale system is one of the most popular roulette betting systems. This is how the system works. The player makes a bet, for example, 5$ on an even number. With every successful winning bet, you make the same one next time. But in the case of a loss, the player should double the bet. For example: the player bets 5$ - wins - bets 5$ - loses - bets 10$ - loses - bets 20$ - loses - bets 40$ - loses - bets 80$ - wins. The winning is 10$.

In reality, not everyone has possibility to double his/her bet. But if you have enough money, you need to remember that most casinos have limit for the maximum bet. For example, if someone loses 13 bets on a 5$ table, he/she needs to make a bet of 40960$ and this could be impossible, because of the casino limit maximum (500-1000$).

Martingale system works better, while playing not for a long time. The longer you play the more chances you have to lose. It means you can easily lose several bets successively.

Martingale system works differently in American and European Roulette. In standard American roulette the odds are worse, than in European roulette. It is explained by the fact that American roulette wheel has both double zero and single zero, which increase the house edge. In European roulette the house edge is 2,7%, whereas in American roulette it is 5,26%.

"Surrender" and "En Prison Rule"

You also need to remember that some European roulette casinos have "surrender" and En prison rule. Surrender means that you lose only a half of the initial bet, when the ball lands on zero. En prison rule says that, when the ball drops on zero, the gambler can take back half of his/her outside bets or put the bet "in prison". If the bet wins for the next spin, the player takes his/her bet; in the opposite case the bet is lost. This rule offers low house advantage for even bets (1.35%).

Use or Not to Use?

You should use Martingale betting system if you are going to play not for a long period of time; when you have at least 200$ for 1$ bets or 1000$ for 5$ bets; if you understand that you'll have more chances to win and in exchange the larger amount of money, than usual, which you can lose.

You should not use Martingale system, if you are going to play for more, than an hour; when you don't have 200$ for 1$ bets or 1000$ for 5$ bets; when you are fully confident that this system will guarantee you a complete victory.