Risky Top Hatting

At all times the gamblers all over the world wanted to increase their chances to win. For this purpose many methods were created. The majority of ways of cheating at roulette are illegal.

Top hatting can sound to be a simple way of cheating but, at the same time, it is overmuch adventurous. Top hatting is a kind of manipulation, which is based on past posting.

Top Hatting

In "top hatting" the gambler and the croupier "work" together. They elaborate the plan of actions before starting hitting the tables. Prior to the beginning of the game, the dealer takes some chips of the player-accomplice. When the ball lands into the pocket, croupier puts sneak the chip on the winning number. In this way, the winnings belong to the player, who worked in cooperation with the dealer.

This method of cheating is rather profitable. It is easy to raise 875£ from a 25£ chip.

This roulette scam is venturous, as casinos are equipped with modern, very effective systems of video monitoring.


With the help of closed-circuit television - CCTV - it is very simple to observe the casino environment and every gambler individually. If the casino employees have any suspicions, they can watch the tapes from the cameras. In case of detection of a fraud, the police will be called and the cheaters will be arrested and sent to the prison.

British Story

The roulette history knows an unforgettable case of using "top hatting" scheme. The dealers had been using this method for more, than a year. They made the top hatting only when there were no managers next to them. But some inspectors helped the dealers a lot. The level of cheating was so high, that it was difficult to detect it. Every week the casinos have lost thousands of pounds.

And only the year later, the conmen were arrested, whereas within the year of cheating, everything seemed to be well in the casino.