Online Gambling and Health - Stay Healthy!

Alcohol and Gambling

Gambling is known as one of the ways which affects ones finances but recent studies show that it affects not only your finances but your health as well. Online gambling is even more addictive than the traditional gambling. The other problem is that online gambling is affected by drinking. Due to the anonymity nature of the online gambling players feel the need to keep drinking especially if they are winning, this norm is more than likely going to lead to addiction and liver related diseases like liver cirrhosis. Alcohol consumption among online gamblers is frequently met, players state by themselves that it helps lift the mood since most players experience what they call ‘low moods’.

Stress and Depression

Anxiety is common in online gambling since the odds of winning measures up to the odds of losing, the anxiety boils up to high levels that end up causing stress and depression. For starters this does not come as a bother since they are mainly experimenting but for the avid players who live the game it is a big health concern since most players experience nervous breakdown and depression which may result to death. Online gambling can get you out of control and even cause mental disorders as nobody is present to monitor the changes and emotions that the player is experiencing thus when the player snaps he/she is alone and the chances of having serious health issues are high.


Smoking and gambling is very common with both the online and the live gambling, this habit seems to be the defining factor of professional gamblers thus online gamblers are increasingly adopting this habit as well. The reason, they say, is because smoking helps them relax especially when facing some stressing bets that can make them lose a lot. Smoking is very dangerous as the nicotine used is carcinogenic and it may cause lung cancer in the near future. The gamblers do not realize how fast they are smoking until the health problems start affecting them, the casino games are very engaging thus one can easily think that they are doing okay while in the real sense they are pumping lots and lots of smoke in their lungs.

The health problems that come with online gambling are mainly attributed to the problem gamblers; these gamblers are prone to suicidal thoughts when their health deteriorates significantly. Therapies are now offered by many organizations to try and help the players from the awful nature of gaming effects. Medication is also available but it may last for a long time before it takes full effect in the individual’s health. Workbooks and videos are also used to help the player in understanding the core effects of online gambling, the methods do vary in their effectiveness but they all work to some degree. The essential point in that is to start therapy in time, and not to wait until the problems will be too serious.