Secrets to Beating the Roulette Wheel

One thing everyone who has ever seriously played a real roulette, American or European, will tell you that there are limited ways to tilt the odds in your favor.  This is true, and a pessimist would take it at that.  However, since real casino players and gamblers are optimists, under the word ‘limited’  they mean that there are a few tricks that the player can pull to tilt the odds in their favor.  This is true too, and today we are going to look at what these secrets are.

No one can be blamed for thinking that the roulette is purely a game of random chance just because of how the ball spins and bounces chaotically all over the table before resting on one spot.  Truth is that the house has only a percentage or two of advantage in the game but the odds can be tilted in your favor easily.  Although most people say that the only tricks in Roulette is to bet smart, it is also possible to predict where the ball will land after it leaves the fingers of the dealer using a simple algorithm approach – you can keep on reading or get more info here.

Following the Ball – Advanced Roulette Technique

First off, you don’t have to follow the ball as it bounces off almost every corner of the spinning wheel.  The motion of the ball can be tracked and the number of times that the wheel has spun to determine where the ball will most likely land.  Using the physics of friction, you can determine which half of the wheel the ball will land to an accuracy of 75% but the key is to know the exact moment when the wheel stops bouncing.  Experienced players use this mind trick, though most times subconsciously, and it is something that is learnt through experience.

The biggest downside to this secret is that it depends entirely on how the dealer tosses the ball.  Since the player has to master how the ball leaves the dealer’s hand, it takes time to come up with a time, a time which the player can lose money and get demoralized or kicked out.  Bet the minimum the table can allow a couple of times and learn how the dealer tosses or ‘pushes’ the ball and use a betting strategy such as double up when you are confident you have observed a pattern.

Another downside to this trick is that the player can be thrown off-balance if the dealer changes the ball release method, but this can mean the start of a new game.  The next time you are in the casino, try this trick and see if it works.